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Get Involved: Oregon State University Clubs

Don’t fear the start of a new year! There is always something to do in Corvallis and there is ALWAYS something to do on campus. It doesn’t matter if you are new to Corvallis, a new student at OSU, or a returning beaver, expanding your network is always a great and fun way to experience university life.

From sports to ethical clubs, Oregon State University has over 50 clubs and each of them are always welcoming new members. If you are interested in recreational soccer, there is a club for that. If you are interested in ballroom dance, there is a club for that. If you are interested in learning more and facing AIDS, then there is even a club for that.

OSU Clubs are a great place to start, but not the only place. OSU has different centers which host gatherings and fun events and then there is the list of activities put on by the university.

Here is the link to OSU Clubs and Activities. Check it out and let the year start off right!