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Save Money Buying Textbooks This Term

With the impending start of fall term, when and how you buy your textbooks is a fickle thing. Some students say they will feel out the first week of class before committing, ride the coat tails of a friends text, or even avoid buying textbooks completely. And should we solely buy our textbooks from the OSU bookstore? One thing is for sure, a person develops their own system for where and when to buy their textbooks. With that said, lets look at a few routes to take before you make the deep plunge into your precious college savings.

Amazon provides the best book exchange deals for students. The reason being, Amazon is used by college students from all over, making it the quickest and most accessible resource to use. Shipping is relatively cheap, and quick if orders are made a week before the term. This includes selling books back to Amazon. The OSU bookstore buybacks severely undercut the original book price and often don’t even buy it back because of new editions. Dollar for dollar, you save more using Amazon to buy and sell your textbooks.

Another resource commonly used is the buddy system; via personal contact or social media. Facebook pages have been made such as “Free & For Sale” to post all sorts of items and deals. Textbooks can also be found on these pages. This makes for an even quicker transaction, especially because both parties are likely to be within a 10-15 minute proximity.

Bottom line is that the OSU bookstore certainly offers you all the required texts you need, but it is certainly not the only option. Consider other ways to acquire your textbooks this term so you are not feeling short on money right from the start.