Development – Acquisition – Master Lease – Bond Financing

Development Partners

CHNW is seeking collaboration and partnering opportunities with higher ed institutions and development organizations to construct or redevelop new apartment housing exclusively for college students in and around Pacific Northwest college campuses.


CHNW’s 501(c)(3) status allows for the unique opportunity to bond-finance projects, requiring little to no equity and allowing Colleges and Universities to focus on education while still providing a close-to-campus housing experience for students.


CHNW is interested in purchasing apartment buildings in and around campuses that allow us to provide more affordable housing and targeted services to college students.

Master Lease

CHNW is interested in master leasing apartment buildings that are conducive to housing college students in the general vicinity of colleges. Our non-profit status allows us to pass our tax savings on to students in the form of enhanced services and below market rents.

Bond Financing

CHNW is able to finance development projects utilizing tax exempt rated bonds, often with little equity requirements.

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