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About CHNW

College Housing Northwest is a nonprofit organization founded in 1969 by students to support students in the areas of housing, academic success, and personal development.

*Statistics calculated for the period April 2016 - Mar 2017.


Rent Saved*

CHNW saved it's residents over $1.4 million dollars in rent. As a nonprofit, CHNW strives to keep rents at least 15% below comparable market rents.


Resident Employee Compensation*

College is expensive. Our student employee positions provide opportunities to help pay for college expenses and build real world transferrable skills.


"[As a student employee,] CHNW understands that school comes first and they are incredibly helpful working around school schedules. I don't think I could find a better job as a student. I honestly enjoy working and living here - it’s only a 5-minute walk from campus, too."


“I love how close CHNW is to the PSU campus but far enough away where the area is quiet and peaceful”


“I’ve had so many great experiences with CHNW. From the staff being overly cooperative and the helpful shuttle services to community events organized by CHNW, I love everything about CHNW.”


“One of my favorite things about CHNW is the shuttle bus grocery trips every Saturday. I don’t have a car so being able to take the shuttle to buy groceries is amazing”


“CHNW has motivated me to apply for my master’s because I started to see how beautiful we are as individuals. I found myself here, my true identity, and my love for other people"


Staff members who are CHNW residents

CHNW has developed a robust resident employment program with a majority of our workforce comprised of residents. We strive to employ residents in as many roles as possible while providing a flexible working environment to accommodate class schedules.


CHNW staff enrolled in higher education

From student employees to full time staff, CHNW is committed to supporting higher education learning and ongoing professional development.

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