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OSU’s Student Health Services Nutrition Program

OSU’s Student Health Services Nutrition Program – The New Year is almost here and with it many people take the opportunity to propose new goals and resolutions for their lives.  One of the more popular resolutions considered by people is the goal of getting healthier and eating better.  Unfortunately, it is also a goal that many find difficult to maintain, especially if done alone.  Thankfully, you don’t have to pursue your dietary goals alone!  At Oregon State University there is a FREE Nutrition Program available through Student Health Services that will help motivate you and help you maintain your goal of a healthier lifestyle.

Student Health Services offers one-on-one nutrition counseling to students who are trying to improve their diet.  Consultations are provided by a Registered Dietitian.  A Registered Dietitian can support you in improving your eating habits, weight management, dealing with diabetes/food allergies, vegetarian nutrition, and much more!  These services focus on dietary assessment and self-guided goal setting.  The dietitian will not ask you to make changes you do not seek yourself, but rather help organize your goals into small, measurable, attainable objectives.

To make an appointment, call 541-737-9355. Appointments are available at Student Health Services and SHS @ Dixon Recreation Center. Be sure to ask where your appointment will be held when you call to schedule it.  Appointments are confidential and last approximately 40 minutes. There is no additional charge for consultations, and appointments are unlimited, in order to best assist you with your desired change. (NOTE: A $15 fee will be assessed to your account if you fail to show up to scheduled appointment.)

For more information on the program and also preparing for your first appointment, please visit the Student Health Services Nutrition page here:  Take this opportunity to help maintain your nutrition goals throughout the year and create a healthier you!

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