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CHNW Oregonian’s Top Workplaces 2014

CHNW Oregonian’s Top Workplaces 2014 – CHNW is committed to the philosophy that employees thrive when we have direct, meaningful participation in our workplace. We’re not interested in maintaining hierarchies; we’re committed to the effects produced when employees utilize their autonomy and accountability and participate collaboratively. At CHNW employees participate directly in the creation of the policies, procedures, and benefits that directly affect them. Not only does this create a more harmonious and collaborative environment but everyone becomes and avid participant in the ongoing evolution and improvement of the organization.

At the same time, by assuring that every employee can fully bring their own passion and personality to achieve their professional goals, our organization is filled with individuals who are committed to assuring that CHNW achieves our primary goal: providing of safe, well-maintained and attractive housing, and striving to deliver affordable student housing that enhances academic and personal development.

What a thrill it is for CHNW to have invested so much into the belief that a workplace that invests trust and respect in people will yield and a model of the productive, engaged workplace!

The Oregonian published the complete list of Top Workplaces on September 14th. For more information about the Top Workplaces lists, please visit

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