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Resident Spotlight: Meet Sarah

Throughout the Resident Spotlight Series, we highlight CHNW residents to get to know them a little better and learn about their experience at CHNW. 

Tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Sarah and I’m from Ohio. My Masters was in Landscape Architecture so eventually, I’ll get a job in that field but until then I’m still figuring it out.

How did you come to live here? 
I was attracted to CHNW because of the affordable rent prices but the amazing staff got me to stay. The staff is overly sweet and amazing.

What has your experience been like living here?  Does any particular experience or event stand out?
One of my favorite things about living at the Plaza is all the events. I also love the office downstairs, the resource center is just wonderful.

There was one experience that sealed the deal for me. We had some very noisy neighbors. The staff was incredible and respectful in helping us through the process of breaking our lease early and helping us find another unit. We were treated very well and the staff was genuinely concerned and cared about helping us. This is where I want to live for a while because if an issue comes up, I know I will be taken care of.

Would you recommend living here to other students? If so, why?
As a current resident, I would recommend, we almost moved into the Tower and I think we would have been fine in the Tower. Regardless, I’m confident that the customer service would be the same for all properties which is the most important part. We try to convince a couple of our classmates to move in. They already had leases so they weren’t going to think about it for another year.

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