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As a not-for-profit organization, we provide convenient, affordable housing for post-secondary students in the city of Portland. At CHNW, we strive to create dynamic living and learning environments that help students achieve their goals – whether that means academic brilliance or personal growth. Our staff members are engaged in a process of professional achievement, personal empowerment and daily student support.

College Housing Northwest is 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to supporting students by providing below market rents, low barriers to entry, and enhanced services.

Stan Amy, Founding Member of Portland Student Services discusses the history of College Housing Northwest.


Created by students, for students, CHNW grew out of a 1969 urban studies class at Portland State University, which was examining the need for student housing near the University’s downtown campus.


CHNW opened a brand-new, 221-unit high-rise apartment building in Portland’s Goose Hollow neighborhood to expand the housing at PSU. The building, known as Goose Hollow Tower, was funded through a loan from the Department of Housing and Urban Development and represented CHNW’s first major asset.


CHNW finalized a lease-equity acquisition arrangement with the Housing Authority of Portland to renovate and manage three additional apartment buildings located near the PSU campus.


Goose Hollow Plaza was constructed. Since then, CHNW has operated seven facilities (485 units) in Portland.


Opened The Gem on the Oregon State University campus, a 231-unit facility renovated by CHNW and owned by the University.


The Board of Directors hired Dave Garnand in August to lead CHNW through a transitional period in the organization and help identify a renewed direction.


CHNW breaks ground on development of The Amy, a 141-unit facility on the south side of Portland State University Campus.


CHNW is ranked 10th amongst Oregon's “Best Nonprofits to Work For” in the large organization category.


Grand opening of The Amy, a 141-unit facility on the south side of the Portland State University Campus.

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