Black Lives Matter

At CHNW, we are grief-stricken over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, as well as the many victims of violence that go unnamed in America. We are heartbroken and troubled by the devastation caused, both recently and, inconceivably, over the last four centuries. We are heartened by leaders across the country who have been outspoken and who have called us to action to put an end to violence and protect all people in America.

In America, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is so critical, not because we don’t believe all lives matter, but because for as long as we have been a country, it is evident that black lives have mattered very little. But they do matter. And we must work together without hesitation until that is evidenced.

At CHNW, we are committed to supporting and celebrating people from everywhere who seek an opportunity to learn and thrive in college. We value the many different voices that come together to contribute to the vibrancy and well-being of the CHNW community.

At the heart of CHNW’s Strategic Framework is a challenge for us to deepen our understanding of how to center equity and justice in everything we do as an organization. Together, CHNW staff, residents, and board of directors are working together, committed to transforming ourselves into a thriving community where everyone feels safe and supported.

Next week’s blog will celebrate Pride Month and continue the theme of striving to participate in the creation of
a worldwide society based on caring and compassion for all people, everyone, everywhere.

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