Celebrating Black History Month

This week marks the beginning of Black History Month. Black History Month is an opportunity to reflect on past and continuing racism, discrimination, and mistreatment of Black Americans as well as to celebrate the often-overlooked impact Black Americans have had in shaping our country’s society and culture. While it’s critical to acknowledge the mistreatment of Black […]

Racial Equity: Year in Review

For our final racial equity post in calendar year 2021, CHNW is providing an update on the progress we have made since our initial post to this blog in June: We completed the 2021 Racial Equity Assessment of the CHNW, including a complete assessment of board, company operations, and resident services and support. We launched […]

Political Battles in an Oregonian School District

College Housing Northwest is using a racial equity blog platform to highlight topics and events related to both racial justice and racial equity in Portland and across the state of Oregon. Readers can expect new additions to this blog every two months.  For this posting, we’d like to bring attention to battles happening across the state in […]

Black Lives Matter

At CHNW, we are grief-stricken over the deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, as well as the many victims of violence that go unnamed in America. We are heartbroken and troubled by the devastation caused, both recently and, inconceivably, over the last four centuries. We are heartened by leaders across the country who […]