College Housing Northwest Receives Top Marks

We are pleased to announce that once again College Housing Northwest has been recognized by Oregon Business in its annual “The 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For in Oregon” survey.  Scores are based on employee satisfaction in five areas: work environment; management and communication; mission and goals; career development and learning; and benefits and compensation. Additionally, participating nonprofits are independently scored based on benefits offered. Since benefits lose value if they aren’t easily accessible or difficult to navigate, we offer staff full support and guidance through our Employee Services Department and our benefit partner, CSNW

This year’s survey period covered a full twelve months of living through COVID-19 – a year like no other. The world was turned upside down and businesses locally and globally struggled to stay afloat and retain and motivate employees, all the while navigating constantly transitioning workflows and regulations, staffing challenges, and safety concerns, not to mention our unique position in student housing that was deeply impacted by school closures.  

So, how did we retain our status on the Oregon Business list?  We believe that companies with mission-driven cultures and transparent leadership take the lead.  When companies operate with a people-first (and for us, student-first) approach, the feedback shows up organically in surveys: 

  • “What makes CHNW great? The gusto with which it aspires to walk its mission.  It is one of the few – perhaps only – of its kind nationwide.” 
  • CHNW does not just talk the talk, but they walk the walk as well. Each team member that I’ve met is truly invested in our mission. Each associate is treated equally, and all voices are encouraged to be heard.”
  • “CHNW genuinely cares about its employees and the students it serves.  Everyone who works with CHNW is passionate about helping people.” 

This past year was about advancing our mission more than ever: despite the restraints of the pandemic, our students still needed affordable, safe, and reliable housing, just as our staff had their own unique needs. Looking to the future, we have confidence in CHNW’s transparent, open-door, company-wide participation in communication outlets—such as our monthly All Hands meetings and various employee-led councils—to ensure that we continue to seek good health for all and another year in the Top 100!

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