How an Affordable Housing Program Supports College Students Webinar

In May, we teamed up with SchoolHouse Connection to talk about our latest initiative: Affordable Rents for College Students (ARCS), and the ever-increasing problem of housing insecurity for college students across the country. In a live webinar on May 11th, our panel discussed how programs like ARCS can help overcome some of the challenges students face, from basic needs insecurity during the ongoing pandemic to the many benefits of success in school for young people.

Schools provide stability, connection to supportive adults, financial aid navigation, and campus support programs. Student housing insecurity is threatening all of that—the rising cost of college, barriers for access to affordable housing programs, and stagnant wages pose unique challenges that surpasses previous generations. In addition, housing insecurity disproportionately impacts marginalized communities.

ARCS combats these issues by subsidizing rentals (50%), offering personalized support like monthly check-ins and emergency grants, without the rental history, deposits, and income requirements that stifle opportunity.

And when we work together with like-minded organizations, we see the full potential of partnership:

  • Uplift needs of students in the region
  • Build capacity for policy development
  • Share data and best practices
  • Braid resources for affordable housing development
  • Present a unified front with demand for regional solutions
  • Amplify the experiences of students

This was an informative, optimistic webinar, bringing together some fantastic folks from amazing organizations looking to increase regional affordable housing options. Let’s continue the conversation!

Watch the full webinar here!

Huge thank you to our presenters:

Jillian Sitjar, Senior Higher Education Program Manager, SchoolHouse Connection

Pamela Blumenthal, Director of ARCS program, College Housing Northwest

Ryan Sturley, Development Manager, College Housing Northwest

Traci Simmons, Associate Vice President of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Mt. Hood Community College

Sean Suib, Executive Director, New Avenues for Youth

Eric Tompkins, Student at Portland State University (PSU)

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