Racial Equity: Year in Review

For our final racial equity post in calendar year 2021, CHNW is providing an update on the progress we have made since our initial post to this blog in June:

  • We completed the 2021 Racial Equity Assessment of the CHNW, including a complete assessment of board, company operations, and resident services and support.
  • We launched an anonymous bias-reporting system for employees. 
  • We established an anti-racist declaration and have that published on our website.
  • We assessed CHNW vendors regarding their values on racial equity, diversity, and inclusion and created a policy for and selecting vendors that will be published in the new year.
  • We drafted an Inclusion Code of Conduct to be rolled out in the new year.
  • A new employee handbook is currently being drafted. This process is being informed by the recommendations in CHNW’s 2021 Racial Equity Assessment report and focused on making CHNW polices and expectations clear and understandable to all employees.
  • We have been meeting once a month with a group that includes board members, employees and residents to discuss and more deeply educate ourselves about racial equity, monitor progress on racial equity work at CHNW, and hear feedback and receive input on racial equity work.
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