Are you motivated? Collaborative? Service-oriented?  Are these more than just clever buzzwords on your resume?

If the answer is “YES!” then CHNW needs you – and you just might love working with us!

CHNW believes that employees will thrive when they have direct control over where and how they work. We’re not interested in hierarchies; we’re interested in accountability and collaboration. We care deeply about engaging and supporting the student residents. We also want every employee to achieve their personal and professional goals and we’re committed to helping them at every step along the way.

What else do you need to know? Our employees oversee staff policies, procedures and benefits, which means that everyone participates in the ongoing evolution of the organization. We promote respect and open communication. Speak your mind and share your thoughts without reservation. That’s the culture we’re creating.

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In addition to competitive wages we also offer the following benefits that were crafted and agreed-upon by CHNW employees:

Health, Life, and Retirement

All full-time employees’ benefits in this area include:

  • Medical and dental benefits wherein the employee pays a small portion per pay period
  • Health Flexible Spending Account to which CHNW contributes $500 per year on behalf of each employee
  • CHNW sponsored Disability and Life Insurance worth one year’s salary
  • 401k match of up to a 5% of salary (this is an amazing way to jumpstart your retirement savings- everyone should take advantage of it)

Paid Time Off

All full-time CHNW employees also enjoy:

  • Fifteen vacation days.  This is time to recharge your batteries—we want to be relaxed and focused for the important work that we are doing together.
  • Nine paid holidays per year, which include two that are “floating”- you choose when you use them.
  • “Unlimited sick time”.  CHNW believes that if employees are sick they should stay home, regain their health, and return to work as their happy and productive selves.

Other Benefits

All full-time CHNW employees choose:

  • Free parking-or-public transportation stipend-or-bike-commuting stipend
  • Company provided iPhones or cell phone stipends
  • Training and Tuition Assistance
  • Fitness & Wellness Stipend (we’re looking into lunchtime yoga!)
  • Plus we have an Office Cat!

We know you have a rich, busy life outside of work, and we want you to love it. We offer competitive wages and the above benefits so you can focus on chasing your dreams.  If you’re nodding in agreement, then please, get in touch. Send your resume and cover letter to We look forward to meeting you!

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