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Is there a waitlist for apartments?
The Gem does not offer a waitlist. All applications are taken one at a time on a first come, first served basis for current openings only. Current openings can be found here:

What if I’m not interested in any of the openings listed on the website?
Openings are typically posted on the website 30 – 45 days in advance of an apartment’s move in date. If you are flexible with your move-in date or are planning to move further into the future, please check back on the website periodically and submit an application once you see an opening of interest to you.

Lease Signing
Once you are approved you will sign a rental agreement that states your monthly rent amount and the terms of your lease including the start and end dates. The lease signing process usually takes between 20 and 30 minutes to be able to get through all the paperwork and for you to have time to have questions answered.

What length of leases do you offer?
The GEM offers 9 or 12 month leases. The rent rate for each initial lease length is the same. Once leases end, residents must sign a new lease length at the new rent rate or move out by the end of their current lease.

What types of floor plans do you offer?
The GEM has studios (214-470 SF), one bedrooms (358-512 SF), two bedrooms (645-680 SF), and three bedrooms (618-1,053 SF).

What appliances are included in the apartments?
All apartments include full-size or under the counter refrigerators, stoves/ovens, and full bathrooms with tubs and/or shower.

How can I schedule a tour?
Due to the pandemic, our leasing staff is currently offering virtual tours only. Certain types of apartments may not currently be vacant and therefore unavailable for showings. If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact our leasing office by email or phone.


What does it cost to apply?
Application screening fees are currently $25.

How much is the deposit?
If you are approved a $500.00 security deposit will need to be paid by move in. You can pay this either by check, money order, credit/debit card, or through your online tenant portal.

When is rent due, and how can I pay for it?
Rent is due on the 1st of the month and must be paid by end of day on the 8th. Partial payments are not accepted. Payments can be made online by eCheck or with a check or money order made out to CHNW and brought to the leasing office or placed in the rent drop box. Credit card payments made in the office for rent over $100 will result in an extra $20 fee, and credit card payments online result in a fee starting at $18 and going up depending on the amount paid.

What happens if I do not pay my rent on time?
A $50 late fee is charged and a 72-Hour Notice for Nonpayment is sent on the 9th of each month to residents who have not paid rent. If you do not pay rent on time and receive a 72-Hour Notice, you are required to pay within 72 hours (3 days) or will be asked to leave the community through the eviction process.

What if I can’t pay rent until after the due date?
For residents who cannot pay rent until after the 8th (due to financial aid schedules, delays in paychecks, etc), CHNW offers two opportunities per calendar year for residents to move their due date for rent until the end of the month. To do this, residents must come to the leasing office and complete a petition for late payment agreement prior to end of the day on the 8th. Residents who are unable to come in person can complete a form digitally by email request.

Can my roommates and I pay rent in separate checks or separate online payments?
No; since CHNW has joint responsibility leases, rent must be submitted in one check or one payment. Residents who do need to submit two separate payments can submit two money orders or cashiers checks (cash-equivalents).

Can I pay my rent ahead of time?
CHNW can accept rent up to three months of rent paid in advance.


How do I apply?
Prospective residents can read over The GEM’s application instructions and download applications here:

Applications are taken on a first come, first served basis only for apartments currently listed as coming available on the CHNW website.

What is CHNW’s rental criteria?
CHNW requires all applicants fit our student status requirements; in addition, CHNW completes a screening that includes criminal background, credit history and rental history. Since CHNW serves students who often may not have established credit or rental history, lacking either does not impact the outcome of the screening. CHNW’s rental criteria can be read in full here: Rental Criteria

The application says I need to show proof of enrollment. How do I do this?
If you attend Oregon State University we are able to get your enrollment information directly from the school. If you go to Linn Benton Community College or another higher education institute please provide one of the following.

  • a letter from the registration office at your school stating you are enrolled
  • an I-20 document (for international students)
  • A transcript showing your classes and number of credits earned.

If I am not currently enrolled but will be enrolling next term, what kind of documentation do I need to provide?
Students enrolling for the first time the following term (for example, residents who apply to move into CHNW housing over the summer with plans to start classes in Fall term) can submit an admission letter stating they are admitted and set to begin classes.

Can I apply even if I do not see an apartment available?
No; we can only accept applications for apartments currently posted as available on the CHNW website. Units that are scheduled to be available in the fall and are available to pre-lease over the spring and summer will not be posted on the website right away. Please contact the office for questions about pre-leasing and available apartments.

Do I need a cosigner?
CHNW doesn’t require or accept cosigners. By not requiring co-signers, CHNW aims to provide an accessible rental experience to those who may be first time renters, as well as an opportunity to build positive rental history in their own name.

How long does the application process take?
Once received, applications are sent to an independent screening company and typically take 2 – 5 business days to process. Once a screening report is completed, applicants are contacted by email with the screening results and next steps.

Do I have to be a student to live with CHNW?
Yes, all residents need to be enrolled at least half time as students, with the exception of partners or dependents of students.

Can my boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/spouse live with me if they are not a student?
Yes; if you are eligible as a student, your non-student partner is also eligible to live with you. Any dependent over 18 will need to submit an application and go through the same screening process.

Who qualifies as a dependent?
CHNW defines a dependent as an individual under the age of 18 who is reliant on the eligible applicant for support, or an individual of any age with a disability that necessitates reliance on the eligible resident for support.

Can you help me find a roommate?
Unfortunately, CHNW does not provide roommate matching services. If you are looking to find a roommate, we encourage contacting your college and using Craigslist or other online boards.

Is there a maximum number of residents allowed per apartment?
Two residents are allowed in a studio, three in a one bedroom, five in a two-bedroom, and seve in a three bedroom.

Can I have a pet?
1 cat is allowed with a $100 extra pet deposit and signed pet agreement. Dogs are allowed in our ground level and mezzanine apartments only. Same $100 pet deposit needed and a signed pet agreement. Small animals (such as reptiles and rodents) are allowed upon approval from the Leasing Office. CHNW follows fair housing laws in reference to service and therapy animals.

Are the apartments furnished? Yes, however, the furniture provided varies from room to room depending on size, style and layout. All units will come with a bed, dresser, desk, chair and filing cabinet. Other rooms might come with tables, additional chairs, couches, etc. All this information can be seen on the floor plans and can be provided by office staff.


Move in costs include the security deposit and the prorated rent for the month of move in.

What utilities are included in the rent?
All utilities are included in the rent price. Water, Sewer, Garbage, Electricity, Internet, are all things that we cover in the rent price. We also have furniture provided and onsite laundry and fitness facility.

Is renters insurance required? You may be asked to provide renters insurance if you have an aquarium or a heavy item of property like a piano. All of these things are listed in the rental agreement if you have any questions about what might need to be provided.

General Building Info

Residents have access to all resident floors and can enjoy all the amenities provided building wide, not just those that are available on their floor.

Where can I park my car?
We have 2 parking lots with limited stalls. All stalls are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Parking is priced per term or for the year.

Where can I park my bike?
Bike racks are located around the building and are available for free use. We also have bike storage in the storage cages of our building that can be rented for $5 per month.

How do I dispose of trash and recycling?
We have trash chutes and recycling rooms located on floors 1-6 of the building. Residents that live on the ground and mezzanine levels will need to bring their disposable and recyclable items to one of the above floors.

Is there a kitchen in the units? Every unit has it’s own private kitchen and bathroom.

Do units have bathtubs?
Some units do have bathtubs, majority of them will have the stand up showers.

Requesting Maintenance
Maintenance requests can be submitted online through the tenant portal. Requested can also be submitted in the leasing office.

Where can I do laundry on site? Laundry is in the basement of the building. There are 10 washers and 10 dryers that are shared by all residents. A regular bank or prepaid card can be used for the laundry service.

Other Leasing Topics

Why am I receiving a violation or noncompliance notice? How does it impact me?
Late payments and violations including smoking in nonsmoking areas, illegal or unauthorized pets, noise disturbances, and unauthorized roommates is documented on your account in your rental history with CHNW. This will impact your ability to rent in the future any time another property management company contacts us for a rental reference to ask about your history with us.

How do I add a new roommate to my lease?
To add a new person to a lease, they first need to submit an application and be approved through the screening process. Once approved, the new roommate and any current residents will come to the leasing office and complete the signatures necessary to add them to the rental agreement.

I’m moving out and I want to have someone else take over my lease. What do I do?
You will need to find the person that you would like to continue on with your lease. They will need to be approved the same way that you were approved at move in. You must be a student with at least 45 credit hours. They must be currently enrolled in classes and at least a part time student. They need to be honest on their application and fall under the rental criteria stated on the application.

My lease is ending soon. What are my options?
When your lease ends you have the option of switching to a different apartment within the building and starting a new lease. You can re-contract for the same unit you are currently in and sign a new lease with new dates and updated pricing. The last option would be to move out of the gem completely.

What if I need to move before the end of my lease?

If you need to move out of The GEM because you are Graduating or leaving to go on an Internship, as long as you provide proof of one of these things and a 30 days notice we will waive your lease break fee. If you move out for another reason, ie: switching schools, dropping out, moving to a different complex, etc, there will be a lease break fee of 1.5x the monthly rent. You are welcome to submit an appeal/accommodation request to have our policies appealed for your case or to ask for an accommodation for your situation and have the lease break fee waived.

Am I still eligible to live with CHNW if I take a term off from school?
As long as you are enrolled 3 out of the 4 terms you are fine to take a term off of school. At minimum residents are required to take 6 credits a term or 18 credits per year.

I’m graduating but I still have a few months left on my lease! What are my options?
If you are graduating and provide proof and a 30 days notice, your lease break fee can be waived. If you would like to stay for the remaining 3 month of the lease that is fine too. Graduatings tenants are given a 3 month leeway to have their moving arrangements made.

My lease is ending, but I only have a few months left until I graduate and plan to move out. Can I stay until I graduate?
Yes! Just have a new lease signed and when it comes time that you will be moving out, give us a 30 days notice and proof of graduation!

What if I need help when the office is closed?
The after hours line is provided to all residents for 24 hour assistance.

Can I have a friend stay in my apartment with me as a guest?
Guests are allowed for a period not extending 2 weeks out of the year. Guests that stay more frequently can fill out an application and be added on as a roommate for a $25 charge for the application fee. Roommate must be approved to live at the gem per rental criteria stated above.

Is someone allowed to live with me without being on the lease?
Unfortunately not. To keep a safe environment we need to have records on all residents and are not able to give out keys or fobs to people that have not been approved to live here.

I have roommates and I know all CHNW leases are “joint responsibility”. How does this impact us? That just means that everyone is responsible for the unit. You will split the rental cost with your roommate every month which is a benefit when it comes to budgeting. But it also means that if any damages were caused that all residents would be responsible for this. If one of the roommates were to move out, it would still be the responsibility of the remaining roommate to have the rent paid for in full and on time.


I want to move out at the end of my lease. Is a 30-day notice required?
A 30 day notice if not required but we do still ask for one. Now only does it help us keep records of who will move out and when but it also asks for important information including where you would like your security deposit refund check to be sent.

What will I be charged at move out? The carpets and furniture must be extracted by law. The charge for this comes out of the security deposit. After this, CHNW will cover the cost for the 1st hour of cleaning. If most cleaning is needed then the charge will be covered by the residents security deposit or billed to the resident if the security deposit did not cover the charges.

How soon will I get my security deposit back?
It takes 30 days to have the security deposit sent after the resident has moved out.

I have roommates. Who gets sent the deposit check?

That will be something that you will all decide together and will need to let the office know.

Where can I donate items I no longer want?

There are several places in Corvallis where items can be donated. Goodwill, Habitat for humanity, OSU has a donation center and there are several others that are just a google search away.

Why is my rental history with CHNW important?
This is important because no matter where you move you will have a rental history follow you. CHNW is not a University provided housing option and the lease that you sign with us will be just like any lease that you will sign when you are out of school. It is important to have good rental history so that housing in the future will be more accessible and options will be more broad. Having poor rental history because of something like smoking in your unit or having undocumented guests or pets could make it more difficult to be accepted by other management companies.  Paying your rent late or having a balance in collections for a different property will make it very difficult for other management companies to want to approve your application.


When are quiet hours?
Sunday to Thursday 8am to 10pm. Friday and Saturday 8am 12 midnight.

Can I smoke in my apartment? No smoking of any kind is allowed on the premises. Cigarettes, cigars, vape pens, hookah, marijuana, etc. If it is an inhalant that produces smoke then it is not allowed and must only be used on city property, such as, surrounding sidewalks.

Student Services

Resident Council
CHNW was founded by students and is exclusively for students. As such, it is critical to have the voices of current tenants guiding the directions we take and decisions CHNW makes.

All CHNW programs have Resident Councils. Comprised of students representing the diversity of the communities they represent, Resident Councils meet monthly to discuss student needs and work with staff to continuously improve their communities.

Resident Council members take a leadership role in building community, improving living conditions, and organizing events at Goose Hollow. Members represent resident concerns and implement resident ideas, to create housing that is by students, for students.

Resident Council has a 10 month duration with 60-90 minute monthly meetings. While members are able to miss up to 2 meetings, participation is vital to its’ mission. Members may meet more than once a month for special event planning, meetings with CHNW staff, or other leadership opportunities.

Up to 12 members enjoy a $50-75 rent credit for their participation, plus a budget to plan fun events. Additionally, joining Resident Council helps residents sharpen their leadership skills and boost their resume.


Come to the office and are checked in. This creates a more secure database for how packages are stored, when they were logged in, out, and by who. When packages are entered into the database, an email or text is sent to you, notifying you of your delivery and what package was checked in to the office by the tracking number.
Smaller items that are delivered by USPS might be put into your mailbox.

CHNW Employment

Employment Opportunities

College Housing Northwest is proud to be committed to hiring a diverse and inclusive workforce that drives innovation and opens access to various perspectives, ideas and backgrounds. As part of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce, College Housing Northwest provides equal employment opportunities. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, national origin, age, protected veteran or disabled status, genetic background, or any characteristic that is protected by applicable local, state, or federal laws.

We offer full time and part time employment in our Portland and Corvallis properties. Learn more about our current job openings here:

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