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University Relations

College Housing Northwest is a not-for-profit organization founded by students in 1969 to provide housing that enhances students’ academic and personal development. Think of us as an independent partner working with you to support the most important thing we have in common: Your Students. CHNW fills the gap between the support offered in on-campus housing and the sometimes daunting process of renting an apartment in the open-market. In CHNW housing, students gain an additional level of independence, experience with landlord tenant law and the leasing process, all while retaining much of the support they received on-campus.

Student Focus

Providing students with the tools and skills they need to be successful in school, in housing, and ultimately in life is our most important goal; to this end we offer:

  • Low barriers to a student’s independent leasing of an apartment.
  • A thorough introduction to tenant rights and responsibilities under Landlord tenant Law.
  • Built-in safety nets to facilitate ongoing learning including rent payment petition, tenant grant program, and conduct processes.
  • Employment opportunities for students which allow them to be students first and to gain professional experience including transferable skills.
  • 24-hour support staff and convenience services aimed at reducing student stress and connecting students to their peers.

College Collaboration

Since 1969, CHNW has been working with colleges to assure that students are well cared for. CHNW has longstanding, excellent working relationships with Portland State University, Oregon State University, Pacific Northwest College of Arts, and other Pacific Northwest colleges.

We maintain an awareness of and provide referrals to resources for students on their campuses.

We collaborate with the university to ensure that our housing program complements and enhances what they have to offer, such as agreeing that first year students should live in campus dorms and CHNW housing is offered as a reward to high-performing students with a certain amount of credits.

We build our event schedules and support structures to address the needs of students with an awareness of the timeframe of the term. Examples of this is 24 hour shuttle service to the campus library during dead-week at PSU or finals week breakfasts at OSU.

We welcome opportunities to work closely with campus resource staff to support the students that we have in common, such as campus security, counseling centers, career centers and recreation facilities.

CHNW has served as a practicum and internship site. We are always looking for ways to collaborate with schools on providing opportunities for students to integrate their studies into their living community.

Development – Acquisition – Master Lease – Bond Financing

Development Partners

CHNW is seeking collaboration and partnering opportunities with higher ed institutions and development organizations to construct or redevelop new apartment housing exclusively for college students in and around Pacific Northwest college campuses.


CHNW’s 501(c)(3) status allows for the unique opportunity to bond-finance projects, requiring little to no equity and allowing Colleges and Universities to focus on education while still providing a close-to-campus housing experience for students.


CHNW is interested in purchasing apartment buildings in and around campuses that allow us to provide more affordable housing and targeted services to college students.

Master Lease

CHNW is interested in master leasing apartment buildings that are conducive to housing college students in the general vicinity of colleges. Our non-profit status allows us to pass our tax savings on to students in the form of enhanced services and below market rents.

Bond Financing

CHNW is able to finance development projects utilizing tax exempt rated bonds, often with little equity requirements.

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