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Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Cultivate a Positive Mindset

Much like an athlete who is on the verge of exiting their off-season; students also need to readjust their mentalities before school starts in order to be successful. Whether you have been attending summer school, working, traveling or contemplating life at the bottom of a can this summer; everyone can benefit their future outcomes by mentally preparing themselves. A great way for a smooth transition is to understand and cultivate mindsets.

Programming your mind. Mind sets are mental plains that people operate on a daily basis. This means new and reinforced connections are simultaneously shaping your health, habits, and the way you interact with yourself and others. Time away from the day-to-day grind such as meditation, exercise and light sleep are opportune times to unwind. Most of our waking activity is spent in the beta zone of brain waves, or about twenty cycles per second. When we are in a relaxed, meditative state, our brain waves are functioning thirteen cycles per second. This is the state we want to program our mind sets. We’re an impatient society, we want immediate results for most things we do. To change a condition and program new mind sets, it requires self-discipline for gradual results.

Here are five tips when programming a mind set in a meditative state:

1. Put aside 10-15 minutes for deep relaxation.


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