CHNW and Covid-19

College Housing Northwest (CHNW) is a not-for-profit organization founded by students in 1969 to provide housing that enhances students’ academic and personal development. Our very existence is because of and in support of YOU!

CHNW supports the personal and academic success of student tenants in four major ways:

Student Rental Experience

Whether you’re like many students and this is your first rental experience, or you’ve rented before, as a tenant of CHNW you’ll benefit from individualized attention and thoughtful service from the day we meet you until the day you complete your degree and move out. We offer:

  • Low barriers to entry
  • Below market rental rates
  • Move in deposits that are typically far less than other housing providers
  • No need to prove any specific level of income
  • No required previous rental history
  • No need for a co-signer. Without the need for a co-signer, newer renters will have an opportunity to build their own rental and credit history.
  • An opportunity to understanding renters’ rights and responsibilities.

We want our student tenants to become informed consumers understanding both their rights under Landlord Tenant Law and the responsibilities of the lease agreement. This informed consumership enables you to assure you are being afforded your rights as a tenant as well as understanding how to be successful in building positive rental history. Our leasing agents, onsite staff and support staff are here to help you in all areas of managing and understanding your lease.

Student Support

We know that students are busy juggling multiple roles and priorities; that’s why we have a number of services on-site to help you stay focused on studying:

  • 24/7 On-Call Services
    CHNW is on-call 24/7 for you. Staff and Resident Ambassadors (RA’s) are readily accessible during the weekdays and RAs are on-call on evenings and weekends to address any concerns you may have.
  • On-site Maintenance Staff
    CHNW is committed to quick turnaround times for any repairs needed to your apartment or the community.
  • Community Building Opportunities
    CHNW RAs and staff are active in creating opportunities for community interaction through scheduled events, celebrations, workshops and opportunities to connect to our larger communities and neighborhoods.
  • Peer Support Staff
    Because the majority of our staff are students like you there’s always someone around who can answer questions, help with understanding laundry or recycling, or direct you to the nearest max or bus station.
  • Package Service and Free Equipment Rental
    We offer a convenient place to pick up parcels too large to fit in your mailbox, to rent a cart to help you move or to borrow a DVD or game to play on a rainy day.

Student Participation

CHNW was founded by students and is exclusively for students. As such, it is critical to have the voices of current tenants guiding the directions we take and decisions we make.

  • Resident Councils
    All CHNW programs have Resident Councils. Comprised of students representing the diversity of the communities they represent, Resident Councils meet monthly to discuss student needs and work with staff to continuously improve their communities.
  • Board Directorships
    CHNW is overseen by a volunteer board of directors drawn from community professionals ranging from student affairs to multi-family housing to finance. In addition, our board has two seats for residents. These board positions are usually drawn from Resident Councils and bring current and active student voices to the board.

As a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit Organization, College Housing Northwest invests its financial resources into providing the kinds of support and services college students need and keeping rent prices affordable, by which we mean, below market, below the prevailing cost of an apartment of similar quality, size, and location.

In its commitment to creating a great environment for students to enhance their academic and personal lives, College Housing Northwest provides a multiple “tiers” of services that students may access or utilize to the degree they want them or need them.

At the primary level, College Housing Northwest offers apartment communities and convenience amenities that are near to campus. Our intent is to reduce the barriers to entry for those renting for the first time

At the second level, CHNW provides ongoing lease-related support to student-tenants. Our leasing agents are dedicated to helping student-tenants understand their leases, navigate their responsibilities as a community member, and advocate for their rights. CHNW student-tenants have an open-door in which to ask questions or get support around their lease, the apartment, or any concern related to the building and its community.

Part of the safety net that CHNW offers, which differentiates our communities from for-profit property managers includes 24 hours access to supportive staff. College Housing Northwest staffs Resident Ambassadors (RAs) in of its facilities. RAs are on-call during evenings, weekends and holidays and are available to respond to lock-outs, complaints (such as noise & smoking) and do rounds to ensure a level of awareness in the buildings.

Next, since College Housing Northwest is “by students and for students” it is critical that any student-tenant be able to participate in the governance of CHNW. The organization has two board of directors seats exclusively for student-tenants and each Program has a Resident Council where student-tenants can advocate directly for what is needed and wanted for their facility.

Finally, College Housing Northwest has established a strong Student Employment Program wherein student-tenants can apply for jobs at each Program. We’ve noticed the level of students’ sense of ownership of their own communities rise since students have been hired as care-takers of the living environment. There are multiple opportunities for students to participate; just ask any staff person for more information.

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